Become a Beta-tester!

On S3D Cloud V.1.0, test AutoModel, the point cloud simplification algorithm that delivers a pre-model in ifc or dxf export formats

Point cloud

All types of fixed or mobile scanners


Pre-model calculated by Automodel
(ifc or dxf export formats)

3D Model

Import and manual finalization of your modeling for BIM


For you:
An early access to the AutoModel pre-modeling algorithm.
The opportunity to have the application developed based on your business expertise.

For us:
We want your expert user feedback to improve our product before its commercial launch.


1- Fill in the form below

2- Receive the confirmation of your inscription via your mail

3- Follow the instructions described in the email

4- Test Automodel

5- Give us your feedbacks


Our collaborative platform evolves and becomes S3D Cloud V1.0. Open to all types of scanners, with a new 3D visualizer including the cutting plans and the measurement in the point cloud, and a pre-modeling feature from the point cloud..


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