The file formats that support the BIM or digital mock-up approaches are distinguished by the Sustainable Building Plan according to two main types: the proprietary formats and the open formats including the IFC format. Unlike so-called proprietary formats, the open format is intended to be a common format, that is to say compatible with all the business software and therefore usable by all. The Industry Foundation Classes is a format that has been developed by BuildingSMART and is now an IS0 standard (16739, since 2013). It is an object oriented format and used by the building industry. It is the most used and best known OpenBIM format.

The purpose of this format:

To allow the transfer of information between all the actors of a building project that enrich a common model of the project. By using IFC-compatible software, they no longer have to translate data from one format to another. The IFC format becomes an interoperable solution around this project. That’s why, in our S3D Cloud 3D file management web application, we’ve chosen for our point cloud simplification algorithm an export of your pre-model in IFC or DXF format. If you want to discover AutoModel in S3D Cloud v1.0 beta: Become a beta tester and discover here its new features.

IFC organizes objects in the construction industry around a 3D computer model, the digital model, and contains for these objects:

The benefits of using IFC format files:

  • Improved productivity;

  • Reduced losses and altering data;

  • Access to an adapted and ergonomic platform, with common job data for each job;

  • Facilitated the exchange of data between BIM software;

  • Improved of competition between the actors;

  • Compatibility with non-discrimination issues of public tenders.

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