Hi Cao. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Cao: I was born in Vietnam, in a very small (and beautiful) ancient village called Hoi An, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After graduating from high school, I went for two years to the preparatory class for engineering at Da Nang. At the end of this training, I obtained a scholarship to enter the School of Industrial Engineering in Grenoble, and I left for France, hardly speaking French! After three years of study, I graduated and discovered that I was interested in 3D modeling and reconstruction. I then decided to join a project of Houman Borouchaki, a researcher at the University of Technology of Troyes, as a PhD student with a Cifre contract, allowing me to work as a researcher for a tech company. In February 2014, I arrived at UTT and at LevelS3D.

What was the subject of your PhD?

Cao: the title is “Modeling indoor environments by real-time 3D reconstruction and extraction of 2D plans”. After 4 years of intense work with Houman and the LevelS3D team, I obtained my PhD in October 2018.

Congrats! Concretely, what was your job?

Cao: I got a job of R&D engineer at LevelS3D, working on real-time 3D reconstruction for indoor environments under Android technology. I first developed 3D visual reconstruction systems of digitized interior environments using 3D sensors. Then I worked on the generation of 2D plans from point clouds or meshes from the reconstruction. Currently, I am still with the company, and I am developing a semantic segmentation module in a point cloud. The module aims at automatically identifying walls, ceilings, doors and windows, in any point cloud.

Will this research lead to industrial applications?

Cao: yes, of course! Several LevelS3D products include software that I have developed, including S3D Capture, an innovative mobile 3D scanning system. Subsequently, my work on semantic segmentation will result in a 3D reconstruction software that will allow architects to create a 3D model in about ten minutes, instead of several hours as currently required by manually doing it .

What are your next projects?

Cao: I would like to remain involved in innovation, using artificial intelligence features (deep learning, machine learning) for 3D modeling. My goal is to become an expert in this field, developing ideas and products to significantly increase the productivity of professionals in the building industry.

Do you have hobbies, apart from 3D?

Cao: my other passion is sport. I’m a runner (half-marathon, trail with one of my colleagues) and cycling (I rode from the forest of Orient to Saint-Nazaire, a 700 km road trip!) I also learned to love the mountains while studying in Grenoble, but I have less opportunity to enjoy them in Troyes!

And in conclusion Cao?

Cao: I have a great chance to be in a professional field that fascinates me, and to wake up every morning feeling happy to go to work. In particular, being at the frontier of research and industry allows me to better understand the different issues.

Thank you Cao!

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