Monday evening, April 15, a terrible fire affects the emblematic monument of the capital, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. Its reconstruction could be helped by the 3D digitization because it allows to reproduce a building to the millimeter and the identical. Indeed, just like La Galerie Dorée, the Arch of Triumph in Syria’s Palmyra and many other heritages, their reconstructions were greatly helped by 3D technologies.
Fortunately, the Cathedral of Paris is a work of which France has construction plans, but also a 3D scanning from every angle. Several specialists in 3D modeling have digitized the Cathedral including Andrew Tallon, professor at Vassar, who used laser scanning at about fifty different areas. More than one billion points have been scanned.
Moreover, Jean Claude-Bellanger, Secretary General of les Compagnons du Devoirs affirms, on France info, having the technical competence to be able to remake the Cathedral, without any difficulty.
With this technology and these files as a resource, the rebuilding process should be accelerated.

We do not forget that what has been destroyed is destroyed and its copy will never live up to the original. But thanks to 3D scanning, its reconstruction will be easier and faster and will preserve the soul and memory of such an emblematic place. In addition, you will find below some heritages having used this new technology.

Some historical monuments saved by 3D technologies:

Like Notre-Dame de Paris, there are historical buildings that were destroyed and then saved and / or renovated thanks to 3D technologies.


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