Use case: complementarity of NavVis trolley and S3D Capture mobile scanning application

S3D Services has been mandated by the Department of Aube to scan the Hotel-Dieu-le-Comte (construction site of the Cité du Vitrail located in Troyes) before, during and after renovation.
All in all, about 50,600 square feet of buildings and outdoor courtyards of this medieval hospital have been digitized with our 3D scanning trolley.
During the work, the workers were surprised to discover a hatch in the floor of the room under the chapel; by opening it, they have uncovered a vault containing bones probably dating back to the 18th century. Consulted, the architects responsible for the historic heritage have authorized us to scan the vault before its final closure. We used our mobile 3D scanning application to keep track of the geometry of this small underground room where our trolley could not have entered! We can now let its occupants rest for the next few centuries.














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